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Hello, I’m Ezra, an enthusiastic designer who has just completed my Industrial Design degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, covering an array of material and manufacturing techniques- both historical and current state of the art. Most importantly, I have gained confidence in my practice and have a clear idea of my lexicon of skills in order to position myself as a successful designer.

I am skilled with various softwares including SolidWorks, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Keynote. In the realm of material craftsmanship, my expertise spans from CNC and fundamental woodworking skills to a high level of proficiency in sewing, dyeing, weaving and various textile-related techniques.

I am particularly drawn to material development and softgoods; inspired to design products that contribute to the best imaginable future for the planet. I am a passionate communicator and people person. I thrive on collaboration, always letting ideas bounce. My process is often very physical, employing rapid prototyping and a constant eye for innovation to my concepts. My projects are calculated, and well managed with outcomes that enrich our relationship with our surroundings.


Do nothing without intention. Produce to minimize. Protect and uplift. Sustainable ideation over sustainable design. Listen and absorb. Never publish without pride. Throw away pride when it becomes too loud.

+1 510 333 3795

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